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“Freak-accident” strikes Lew’s BBQ

Around 8 am on Monday December 5th, the owners of Lew’s BBQ received a heartbreaking call. “The BBQ place is on fire” are words that grounded Mr. Lew and Mrs. Tammy Donaldson. A log truck attempted to make a right turn beside Lew’s, and struck the power pole. This caused the power line going to the BBQ building to split in-two, instantly igniting the building. “We don’t know what the future holds. This has been my life, I’ve loved serving the community and everyone that comes in those doors.” Lew’s BBQ is expected to take-on an insurance process that could set the future of Lew’s back for a while, and that future is uncertain at this time. The positive news that Tammy tells us is that the BBQ pit itself is not damaged. The Chronicle will provide updates to the future of Lew’s BBQ as they are available.

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