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From Canada to Swainsboro: Kreese is loving East Georgia State

For some people, traveling to a different state to play a sport that they love is a bit strenuous, but for others, traveling to a different country to play softball is nothing.

Sophie Kreese, an 18-year-old Canadian native, decided to take a chance in the states to play softball at the collegiate level at East Georgia State College.

“Sophie and her family were actually never able to visit our campus due to COVID but still chose East Georgia as her new softball and college home,” said Head Softball Coach Chuck Wimberly.

Although Kreese endured difficult situations considering she was making the move of a lifetime during a pandemic, she knew East Georgia State was the place she needed to be.

“Being offered to come to Georgia was a crazy adventure for me, but picking East Georgia, however, was a much easier process because of Coach Wimberly. He made me feel like I was coming to EGSC to meet a new family,” said Kreese.

Once Kreese arrived in “Swainsvegas,” she was immediately engulfed with southern hospitality by new teammates, coaches, and friends.

“One of the coolest things in the world is having a young lady from Canada come all the way to Swainsboro, Georgia to play softball for our Bobcats,” Wimberly added.

It did not take too much convincing to get Sophie on board a plane to come down to a state full of humidity, flies, and bipolar weather.

“The weather down here compared to back home is a huge bonus when it comes to playing ball. I do not miss those cold Canadian winters whatsoever,” Kreese said.

As Kreese has immersed herself into a different world and lifestyle, she would not change a thing about her experience.

“It’s been great playing ball and exploring the world, and I am so grateful for my opportunity here in Georgia.”

She not only has brought Canadian stickers for the team helmets, but she has also brought a unique and positive outlook to the Lady Bobcats’ softball team.

“She is a great pitcher for our team with a dynamic attitude about life,” said Wimberly.

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