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Frye wins top awards at Swainsboro Elementary School 

By: Mike Williams

As loyal readers of our paper you know this or if this is your first edition we here at The Crossroads Chronicle delight in sharing great accomplishments, especially when it comes to our young folks. This week is no different and in case you think you have read this article in an earlier edition, the name is similar but this time we celebrate another child with the last name Frye. This time it is Ansley Frye. Ansley was the recipient of the Top reader award for her 4th grade class for the year. We reached out to her mom Leah for a little insight into this accomplishment.

Was this a goal she set—to become her grade’s most most active reader for the year?

This award was a surprise and Ansley was not aware of the award during the school year. Therefore, taking the initiative to read daily paid off for her. Ansley is 100 percent goal driven and has been since she was a toddler. Every year she strives to beat her total words read from the year before. Reaching 1,000,000 words was her goal this year and she exceeded it reading 1,241,451 words.

To get to this point, she must enjoy reading. Please have her tell us why she loves reading so much.

Ansley’s words: “I like reading because it’s like an adventure. You never know what the book has in store for you until you pick it up and read it. Reading is enjoyable for me because not only are you learning while you read but it also allows you to have a front row seat within the story.”

What book has been her favorite so far?

The Harry Potter series

Where is her favorite location at home and/or at school to read?

At home she prefers a quiet spot, usually her room or on the couch with a comfortable blanket.

What book is she currently reading?

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback

What’s it about?

The characters in the book are Sophie, Fitz, Biana, Keefe, Dex, Tam, and Linh. The problem is there are baby alicorns hidden in a troll hive and the Neverseen are looking for them. Luckily Sophie and her friends get there in just enough time to save the baby alicorns and win the battle against the Neverseen.

Who (can be one person or can be several people) has helped her become such a great reader? Think teacher, family member, etc.

Ansley’s teachers from Pre-K until now have each played a tremendous role in her LOVE for reading. When I asked her this question, she did not want to leave anyone out. To her they all hold a special place in her heart and helped her become the reader that she is today. A big thanks goes to Amy Cowart, Gina Brown, Chawny Stewart, Jessica English, Haley Brantley, Courtney Sikes, Karen Claxton, and Dawn Davis.

Ansley’s grandparents are retired educators and have always taken time to express their interest in her learning. They have been influential since birth and helped set her foundation for education. Ansley’s blessed to have them in her life and being able to share these special experiences with them makes it even more of a treasure.

What book does she want to read soon?

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy

How do you as a parent feel about her accomplishment?

“Proud would be an understatement…Ansley works hard every single day. This accomplishment was not something she expected to earn and as a matter of fact came as a surprise to her on Honors night. As you can tell, Ansley LOVES to read. She’s read every day since school was released in May.”

Ansley said, “it’s easy to do something that you love doing.” “She is self-driven and loves a goal but loves nothing more than to exceed the expectations. So, combining what she loves with a competition thrilled her. Her love for learning is truly amazing. We are beyond proud to be her parents and thank God for his many blessings.”

Ansley is the 10 year old daughter of Zac and Leah Frye. Her grandparents are Butch and Melanie Frye and Sidney and Bonnie Lanier.

Her teachers were Karen Claxton and Dawn Davis.

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