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Frye wins top awards at Swainsboro Primary School

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

The Crossroads Chronicle is proud to recognize the first grade Accelerated Top Reader at Swainsboro Primary School this year, Avery Frye. We reached out to her mom, Leah Frye, and her teacher, Mrs. Chawny Stewart for some insight into her year.

Was this a goal she set—to become her grade’s most active reader or accumulate this many words read?

Avery most definitely set this goal for herself. She loves a competition. Her teacher of course was there to encourage her and keep her motivated. Avery at Christmas said mama, I want to read 600 books by the end of the year… I want 400,000 words read too… at Christmas she was just shy of being halfway. It was her goal so of course we all supported her. She would keep up with her data through the Accelerated Reader program daily when she tested. She would come home and tell us her totals. She would do the math and tell us how many more she needed. To get to this point, she must enjoy reading. Please have her tell us why she loves reading so much. I just love reading.. she said you never know what the book is going to tell you, when you read books, it’s so fun to find out what the story is about. There is always something very interesting waiting inside.

What book has been her favorite so far?

Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park

Where is her favorite location at home and/or at school to read?

When at home she loves to read in her bed. At school she loves to read under her desk.

What book is she currently reading?

Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook

What’s it about?

She just started it…but Junie B. got some new black furry mittens and someone took them and kept them… Junie B. thinks she can keep a pen that she found since someone kept her black mittens. Junie B. is really funny…

Who (can be one person or can be several people) has helped her become such a great reader? Think teacher, family member, etc.

Most definitely her teachers, Chawny Stewart and Gina Brown, their impact of her education has been vastly influential. These teachers are dear to Avery. They went above and beyond the expectations of a teacher. They truly love Avery and the feeling is definitely mutual.

Her family has also played a role in her love for reading. Her parents and grandparents always read too and with Avery since she is as a baby. Avery’s grandparents on both sides are retired educators. I would say this plays a huge role on my children. Education is valued as it should be, but more so in our family.

What book does she want to read soon?

She just got a new series Disney The Never Girls… there are 14 books and she thinks they will be really good.

About how much time does he/she spend reading each day? If possible, please have someone (teacher/family member) give some context about the importance of reading every day and why this has made her such a great reader.

She spends on average at least an hour a day reading..during the school year it was probably more: Reading is the foundation of education. Reading everyday becomes a habit, a good habit, which allows Avery the opportunity to continue to be successful through her educational career.

Another family member said: Avery’s love of reading began very early because she was exposed to books at home. She told stories as she turned the pages even before she could formally read. Once she began reading she quickly became hooked and challenged herself to read three to four books a day. Reading every day has increased Avery’s concentration, her memory, and her self-confidence. It has improved her vocabulary and comprehension. And, reading books on increasingly difficult levels has enhanced her creativity and writing skills. As a result, she was super excited to enter the young author’s contest and subsequently won first place. Reading has opened the academic world for Avery in so many ways and, amazingly, she has enjoyed every minute of not only soaking up the stories but sharing them with others.

How do you as a parent feel about her accomplishment?

As her parents, we are very proud and we hope this award allows her to always remember that reading is very important. As previously stated, Avery was very eager to learn. Reading has opened another door for learning. We are very thankful for everyone at SPS who played a role in Avery’s love for reading, especially her teachers. I can’t leave out Livia Daniel and Hadley Irvin, the librarians, who set new goals and incentives for the school year. Avery and others couldn’t wait to go to the library to get new books, but to also see the warm welcoming faces of these ladies. Avery’s favorite award was getting to be the librarian for the day after reaching 200,000 words read. Being a teacher at SPS, I got to witness Avery and experience with her the excitement that she felt as she earned many awards for her reading this year.

Avery is the seven year old daughter of Zach and Leah Frye. Her grandparents are Butch and Melanie Frye and Sidney and Bonnie Lanier. Her teacher is Chawny Stewart.

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