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Game on! Virtual gaming trailer visits Mr. Graddy for seventh birthday

On Saturday, December 18, Kingston Graddy celebrated his seventh birthday in a way most fitting for his generation. His parents, Ski Scarboro and Elderick Graddy of Wrightsville, arranged for a gaming trailer to travel from Kathleen to visit their home for two hours.

During the two-hour timespan, Kingston and his friends were able to have private access to the enclosed trailer equipped with numerous Xbox consoles, controllers, and multiple video games popular today like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Minecraft, and more.

The trailer also included a racing simulator and a virtual reality headset for certain gameplay.

Once the game trailer’s duration expired, the birthday boy, who turned 7-years-old just two days before the party, and his friends then ran across the yard and played on a bounce house and a 16’ dual slide.

The overall theme of the party was centered around Fortnite. The iconic llama was featured on matching blue, purple, black, and green balloons while other elements from the game, like bombs, pickaxes, and treasure chests, were used throughout.

Kingston and guests enjoyed pizza, cupcakes, a birthday cake adorned with a topper that read the famous “Battle Royale KING” phrase from Fortnite, cheese puffs, variety chips, cookies, and “Chug Juice” Gatorade.

The highlight of the party, as customary for King’s birthdays in the past, was the piñata. This year, the birthday boy was finally strong and skilled enough to break the piñata on his own. When that happened, a “battle royale” ensued for all the candy that fell.

Kingston received many gifts at the party. His favorite, of course, were “V-Bucks” to use when he played Fortnite later.

Before departing, the guests received their party favors in a blue “Drop Box” as seen in the game.

Attending were: King’s mom and dad; his two grandmothers, Sandra Scarboro and Julia Graddy; his aunt and uncle, Halei and Chris Lamb; his older cousin, Jackston Scarboro; his youngest cousin, Ace Snell; his younger sister, Imari Graddy; his big brother, EJ Graddy; and numerous friends and cousins dubbed “battle buddies” for the day.

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