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Georgia Escapes Missouri With Win

By: Justin Gray

The Georgia Bulldogs traveled to Missouri to take on the Tigers. Missouri came into the game with a 2-2 record and a not so promising start to the season. The number one Dawgs have been unmatched all year and rarely tested, until Saturday night.

The Dawgs received the first kickoff and the offense was ready to go to work, but it would only take 3 plays, including a sack, before the Dawgs had to punt. The Georgia defense forced a quick punt and on the first play after the punt RB Kendall Milton took the handoff 35 yards before fumbling and Missouri recovered.

After the fumble, both teams traded punts once again and finally Missouri got the scoring going with a field goal making it 3-0. Missouri stuffed the Dawgs again, forcing yet another punt. Missouri then drove the ball down the field on nine plays, 81 yards, and finished it off with a touchdown.

The Dawgs offense down 10-0 needed a boost, but couldn’t seem to get anything going as they fumbled once again, turning into three more Missouri points. The offense finally responded and drove down the field and kicked a field goal. Before the half both teams traded field goals one more time and the score was 16-6 Missouri at halftime. Missouri received the second half kick off and went three and out, then punted. Georgia kicked another field goal making it 16-9. Missouri responded with, like both teams did all game, another field goal. The Dawg offense finally stepped up and went down the field on 10 plays and 75 yards, scoring a touchdown on a Kendall Milton one yard run. Then the Dawgs forced another punt, leaving it to the offense to finish the game and that’s just what they did. They went 68 yards on seven plays as Daijun Edwards' one yard touchdown finished it.

Missouri punted on the next drive and the Dawgs ran out the time to win their 5th game of the year. The Dawgs are now at 5-0 and are one of only 16 undefeated teams. The Dawgs did however drop a spot in this week's Associated Press poll because of their performance. Next week they host their longest rival the Auburn Tigers between the hedges at 3:30 P.M.

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