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Get that popcorn ready for the show

By Ronnie Cameron

“I will never go searching for my heart’s desire; I’ll never go looking farther than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, then I never really lost it, did I” – Dorothy.

The mainstream media, in conjunction with big tech, need us to think in terms of dualism. They want us at each other’s throats because they need division in the ranks to control us. If we hate our neighbors because they like Pepsi over Coke, we are blinded to their evil machinations.

The most glaring example of how the machine gaslights us is that we only have two political parties in the most powerful nation on earth. I have dozens of choices of canned soup, but only two legitimate political parties from which to choose. Go figure. Dorothy fretted over lions and tigers and bears; I only have Democrats and Republicans to scare me.

Because of this, I suspect that many people, like me, are political exiles. We have no homeland, politically speaking. Because we refuse to comply, we wander through the muck and mire, though not aimlessly. We want to find the Emerald City, but so many times, it seems hopeless and unattainable.

Sometimes it’s easier to contrast than it is to compare.

The only thing more head scratching than a Democrat claiming that abortion is a way to stimulate the economy is a vanilla latte Republican parked on Twitter complaining and crying and wringing his hands, pointing fingers at the Dems.

The positive I see in the Democrat Party is that they show us the general Republican lack of backbone. The positive I see in the Republican Party is that they shine light on exactly why a backbone is needed more than ever.

However, something is brewing up in Michigan, and I can’t wait ‘till it ripens on the vine. It will necessarily run its course, and I have bought up popcorn in anticipation of the greatest show on earth. This event should spice up things.

When President Biden took over the White House, he militarized the alphabet agencies to enforce his questionable policies. His most nefarious assets so far are Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice. This demonstrates the brilliance of the Wizard behind the curtain running things in DC. Who better than Garland, who was shunned by the Republicans during the Obama administration and systematically screwed out of a seat on the Supreme Court to serve as their hitman?

This is where it gets fun, fun, fun. Garland, the Witch of the West, in his infinite wisdom, dispatched FBI flying monkeys to monitor parents attending local school board meetings on the premise that these disgruntled people could possibly, allegedly, maybe, represent domestic terrorism (remember that phrase). Republicans, the Cowardly Lion, served as class monitor, taking down names to turn into the teacher.

It gets even better. A dualism destroyer flavored with irony.

Muslim parents up in Dearborn, Michigan, banded together with Evangelical Christians to protest books promoting some contrary lifestyle in the Dearborn schools. The very people (Muslims) who have always been sheltered by Washington and corporate media from criticism, largely from another group of people (Christians), are now protesting at school board meetings and should, logically speaking, be branded as (ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!??!) domestic TERRORISTS!!! Muslim terrorists, so say the Wicked Witch and his minions. Imagine how that plays out on CNN.

Better yet, if I wanted to support those “terrorists,” (DOJ’s words, not mine), I could send a donation through my PayPal account, but wait, PayPal has declared they will “fine” anyone up to $2,500 for statements they consider contrary to their corporate beliefs. Will they consider support of the parents in Dearborn in violation because: 1) I am supporting Christian “terrorists” (who rail against Muslims), or 2) will my support of Muslim “terrorists” run counter to corporate policies?

Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all Christians are haters, but can The Wicked Witch of the West label the Dearborn Muslims “terrorists,” or will he be labeled a white supremest by the same media who sheltered the Muslims so consistently in bygone times?

In the meantime, as I stroll along the yellow brick road in search of a political home, I should take time for popcorn since no movie is complete without it. Since I’m concerned about my health, I will forgo butter and replace it with delicious, melted irony.

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