Get your tan on! The Bronzing Bay now open

Some women find fulfillment in shopping. Some women find it in being pampered. A combination of the two, local businesswoman Meagan Williams says her passion is helping people look and feel their best. She has operated The Bleu Belle, a boutique on Highway 56 North just outside of Swainsboro, for almost two years now. An expansion of that location came this month as The Bronzing Bay, a tanning salon, officially opened for business on January 7.

With a main goal in mind to help customers “feel confident and happy in their own skin,” Williams says the idea for a tanning salon came to her this past summer.

“I’ve tanned since I was 16-years-old and have loved not only the peacefulness of those few minutes but the confidence of having a tan as well,” she explained. In college at Georgia Southern, I’d walk into tanning salons and think about how awesome it would be to own a salon one day. This past summer, I decided to take the leap and began my own research. Now, here we are.”

The logo design and choosing the name were the easiest parts of the process. Williams wanted something that would cohesively match aesthetic of The Bleu Belle next door, so she naturally gravitated toward a moniker that began with a “B” as well.

“Tans are bronze and I thought of each room as a ‘bay,’ hence ‘The Bronzing Bay,’” she continued.

Name and logo in mind, work began to transform the space adjacent to the boutique into the salon it is today. By the first Friday of this month, Williams was ready for a grand opening. Hours are Mondays, noon to 8 p.m.; Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Prices span between $29.50 and $64.50 per month, depending on which tier on the tanning menu customers select. Williams offers various bed levels (silver, gold, platinum, and diamond).

In terms of frequency, customers can choose to tan by the day, sign up for one month only, or join with a membership (which comes with special perks).

Williams also has on hand an array of designer tanning lotions.

“We make tanning easy and convenient for you. Most importantly, we have something for everyone,” Williams said. “Silver and gold level beds are 15-minute maximums, platinum beds are 12-minute maximums, and diamond beds are 10-minute maximums. We provide sanitized tanning goggles and a towel for you, and the bed is thoroughly sanitized as well and ready to go when you arrive. Your time is important to us.”

She continued, urging prospective customers to give The Bronzing Bay a chance.

“We would love to see you! Come in and let us give you a tour, show you the tanning menu, and chat about your personal tanning goals.”

That in a nutshell—the relationship with customers—is why she started The Bronzing Bay, after all.

“I guess you could say my passion lies in helping people feel and look their absolute best, feel confident. It started with The Bleu Bell, the boutique next door that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and gifts for women, men, and children. With this previous business experience, I feel we have been able to fine-tune The Bronzing Bay to bring customers varying levels of beds and packages to fit your personal needs. We love to see the smiles as customers leave and the excitement they show as their tans develop. We also love the bonds and friendships formed along the way. Come see us!”

The Bronzing Bay as well as The Bleu Belle are both on Facebook. Follow them there for updates.

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