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Glad Garden Club welcomes New Year, New Beginnings

By Joann Trammell

The Glad Garden Club had the unfortunate task of taking down our beautiful Christmas decorations at Emanuel County Hospital on December 28th. Members were encouraged and delighted about the many compliments received. Decorating the hospital always brings members such joy and we already have plans for more new decorations next year thanks to anonymous donors and a humble, grateful thank you to Tractor Supply for their very special Christmas donation of two new Christmas trees this year to be used in decorating the hospital Christmas 2023. We are a small club and sometimes overwhelmed by the generosity shown to us especially during the holidays. A special thank you to Jeanette Hall for her continued dedication and patience in overseeing this project. Without her eye for design and project coordinating abilities, this project would not come to fruition. Thank you!

The Glad Garden Club met at the beautiful Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center on the campus of East Georgia State College. Our club is so grateful to meet at this center as not only is it a unique and contemporary building but the mission and spirit of Mrs. Fulford coincide with our mission of being in an "environment where learning opportunities take place and community relationships are enriched". Even our goals of education, civic engagement and hospitality are coexistent. Harley Smith is currently Coordinator of Communications and the Fulford Center. Many thanks to her kindness and the friendliness of her staff. Meeting was called to order 10:00A.M. by President JoAnn Trammell. Members present were Audrey West, Sylvia Durden, Carolyn Brown, Sherri Clifton, Lisa Parham, Jeanette Hall, Gloria Mason and Thomasene Flanders. Our inspirational message was given by Carolyn Brown. Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that we are to wait upon the Lord with expectancy and readiness.

An informative and interesting program was given by John Harrison from the Emanuel County School Agricultural Department.Teaching Forestry and Plant Science is his first love but he is involved in many programs offered in the school system and has been with this department for 23 years starting in Twin City. A current project is the development of a style of Hydroponic Gardening. The school system has three greenhouses where they offer the sale of seasonal plants in the spring and fall. Also part of the school system is the Processing Plant in Twin City where canning and processing is done for the general public at certain times of the year. On a personal note, John revealed that now is the time to have your soil tested and that they will do it. Also it is currently a good time to plant trees and even to trim established trees but Valentine's Day will be too late.

Von Brown presented our Horticultural item with a grand display of Heirloom Garlic. He presented garlic that has been maintained in his family for over 100 years and each member received a plant to try and maintain and cultivate. Maybe for another 100 years! Von also brought samples of honeysuckle bushes that he is trying to shape into trees. So far he has managed to shape a 12 foot tree. Every member received a "tree" about 4-6 inches tall to try their luck at growing a tree.

Johnny Tapley has already approached the Glad Garden Club about future community projects including the expansion of the Wreaths Across America Project and even an extensive project for Christmas at the Veterans and First Responders Park. formerly the Stony Brook Park and Bird Sanctuary. Glad members have a lot to look forward to.

Our raffle drawing was presented by Hostess Gloria Mason. A stunning cocktail table book entitled The most Beautiful Villages & Towns Of the South actually signed by the author Bonnie Ramsey was won by President, JoAnn Trammell. A Lifetime membership has been applied for Gloria as she has been through the ups and downs and ins and outs as a faithful member for 41 years.

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