‘God, please do with me what you will’

Born and raised in Swainsboro and now a Stillmore resident, Regan Slater has an inspiring testimony that, in the long run, brought him closer to his family and God.

Growing up, Slater was raised in church and attended regularly. However, he thought that alcohol was normal and just a part of being a wholesome man. “I wasn’t exposed to it at home, but it looked like the cool people always drank. Being that I wanted to grow up way too fast, I started drinking at a young age,” said Slater. This continued throughout his childhood and through his college years. He went off to college, and it really took off from there.

“After Allie, my eldest daughter, was born, we started going to church again somewhat, but I still didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” said Slater. He was in a middle of a failing marriage, which was mostly the result of him drinking to deal with his insecurities. “Shortly after, I found myself in and out of trouble with law and in various treatment facilities. I was at a point I had no desire to live because it seemed that all I was capable of was hurting my loved ones and nothing seemed to stop my craving for alcohol,” said Slater. He had hit rock bottom and knew that it was time to make a change in his life for him and his loved ones. “It was an absolute living nightmare.”

Finally, Slater knew what he had to do: turn to God. “I tell people that God got me to a 12-step fellowship, and that fellowship and a 12-step program got me to God. My entire life, I tried to fill the void inside of me with fancy possessions or chemicals. It wasn’t until I said, ‘I’m done, God please do with me what you will’,” said Slater.

Romans 12:9 in the Bible says, “cling to what is good,” and that is exactly what Slater did to turn his life around. He knew that he had so many joys in his life. He has a wonderful father, who is his biggest inspiration. “It hasn’t mattered what I’ve done good or bad; there has never been a time he wasn’t behind me to push me forward or to tell me that it’s all going to be ok. He’s my rock.” He also knew he had two beautiful girls, Allie and Madison. Now, he has twin girls to add extra joy in his life, Leila and Millie.

Slater now enjoys volunteering and helping others with the same addictions that he once had. “I’ve got a couple in the recovery community that operate a halfway house and another friend that runs a long-term men’s recovery program. I try and help those guys out every chance I get. I’ve worked with a lot of guys over past few years trying to share with them the same things that were shared with me. I go and give my testimony whenever I’m asked. I try and give myself to each and every chance that I get to help another alcoholic or drug addict. If it wasn’t for people doing that for me, I’m not sure where I would be today, so I try to give as well.”

Slater wants people to understand that not all people that struggle with alcohol and drug addictions are bad people, they just use that to numb themselves. He tries to show them that God can help them overcome any obstacle that they may face. “No matter what we have done in the past, God loves us and wants us to lead happy and productive lives.”

Today, Slater stays healthy by working out. He watches what he eats, what he listens to, and who he associates with. “I try and avoid anything that I feel threatens my peace or my physical being. I stay active in the church and in the 12-step fellowship. I try and keep myself as healthy as I can mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have four daughters that depend on me so everything I do I try and make sure that it allows me to be my best for them.”

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