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Gone fishing: Best days in April to wet a hook

The annual “Easter snap” made its appearance last week, and temperatures already began warming up as of Monday. If you’re looking for a good, wholesome, free outdoor activity, consider going fishing! Here’s the best days to go in our area, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which bases its fishing calendar on the phase of the moon, the zodiac sign the moon is in, and experience. Of course, local conditions, tides, and weather might affect your experience—but the chart below gives you an outline of which days your chances are best.

The fishing condition (best, good, fair, or poor) is the overall rating for the entire day based on The Almanac’s formula. The best time (morning or evening) indicates the best time of day when, according to that same formula, fish will be biting.

What do these ratings mean, you may ask? Well, here’s your answer:

A POOR day basically means the fish will either steal all your bait or will not even touch your line. FAIR day means you may catch one or two fish, but you’ll have to work hard to do so. GOOD day means you will catch enough fish to feel gratified, and BEST day means you will catch something almost every time you cast your line in the water.

Oh, and two important last reminders… Don’t forget your fishing license, and like the old-timers say, “Hold your mouth just right!”

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