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Griffin resigns from council

A second member of Adrian City Council has resigned.

The Chronicle learned late Monday, November 29, that Julie Griffin had submitted a letter of resignation to City Hall, but this publication was unable to confirm that news by press time for the December 1 edition. Yesterday morning (December 7), The Chronicle obtained via email a copy of the letter, confirming the resignation message intended for Mayor Wynola Smith and council.

Griffin was elected in November 2020.

With the resignation, she became the second public representative in Adrian to resign. Former councilman Ed Brown turned in his own withdrawal letter on August 27.

The Chronicle phoned Griffin Tuesday morning for clarity about her decision. She was unavailable and asked for a follow-up call later at lunch. As of press time, she could not be reached again.

Adrian City Council is composed of six elected seats, including the mayor’s. With Brown’s resignation followed by Griffin’s last week, the council itself is down to just three representatives: Suzanne Hutchinson, Jesse Yawn, and Michelle Love.

According to the Emanuel County Elections Office, a special election will be necessary to fill both seats. The next date for a special election in Adrian is set for Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

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