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Gunnar Brown Fishing earns berth to compete in championship

The 2021 fishing season is in full swing for Gunnar Brown Fishing! Dale Brown and his son, Gunnar, are a two-man fishing team that compete in the Alabama Bass Trail Tournament Series.

In March, the dad and son team fished Lake Okeechobee in the Bass Pro Amateur Tournament, which was sponsored by Bass Pro Shops. Gunnar Brown Fishing competed among 250 teams.

In order to qualify for the championship, you had to at least place in the top 40 of the 250 teams that participated. Overall, the pair finished in the top 40 at 12th place and will have a berth to participate in the championship in November in Missouri at Table Rock Lake.

There are only a total of eight qualifying tournaments where you must place top 40 in order to get a berth to the championship.

The winner of the championship will take home a $1,000,000 payday. The winner also will win a Toyota Tundra and a Nitro boat each. To prepare for the tournament, Gunnar Brown Fishing will practice a couple of days prior to the championship. The tournament will require fishing for three days and the highest weight of the three days will win the cash prize.

The next tournament for the pair will be on April 24 at Lay Lake.

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