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Happy as a hog in mud!

Brylie Greenway and Colbie Radford have been friends since they were 1-year-old. One of the many things they have in common is the love of animals. Radford has always had a natural love for animals and when she got old enough to visit with Greenway and her family, she immediately fell in love with all the animals on “Greenway Hill,” the name of the family farm. Radford particularly took a liking to the hogs since she would help Greenway “train” her hogs for hog shows. Radford finally decided this year she wanted to show a hog of her own, so with the help of the Greenways, who provided food, shelter, and a hog, Radford’s dream came true. This past weekend at the Johnson County Agricenter in Wrightsville, Radford participated in her very first hog show.

Greenway, who has been showing hogs since she was 2-years-old, also participated in the show this past weekend. Greenway started showing an interest in showing hogs at a very young age when she would watch her uncles and aunts show hogs. Perhaps you could say Greenway is just carrying on the family tradition. She is always willing to help Radford and give her pointers on how to train her hog and how to build a relationship with her hog. Greenway also has two younger sisters, Brodie, 5, and Brinlee, 3, who are helping her carry on this tradition.

One of the many responsibilities of showing a hog is giving them a good name. Greenway’s hog is named “Bocephus,” and Radford’s hog is named “Block.” Both are crossbred Hamps.

You can catch a glimpse of Greenway and Radford in action on Saturday, February 13, here in Swainsboro. They will be showing in the 2nd Anual Southern Crossroads Swine Showdown at the Emanuel County Jaycee Fairground Livestock Barn.

Colbie, 10, is the daughter of Chris and Lindsey Radford. She is in the fourth grade at TCE.

Brylie, 9, is the daughter of TJ and Amber Greenway,. She is also in the fourth grade at TCE.

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