Happy’s is closed indefinitely

An in unfortunately ironic situation, a business, in keeping with its name, that often made area citizens happy with its staff, atmosphere, and menu—Happy’s has sadly closed its doors for good. Owner Seth Edenfield explains the decision to close was a dreaded but necessary, citing COVID hardships as the reason for the closure.

“The decision to close killed me,” he said to The Chronicle on Tuesday. “Cooking is all I know and all I want to do, but I just couldn’t recover from COVID.”

He continued, offering his thanks to all Happy’s supporters.

“I’d like to thank everyone in this community who supported us for the past few years! I’d like to give extra thanks to my wife, Mitzi Edenfield; my sister, Kellie Scarboro; my mother, Dawn; my sister-in-law, Nikki Rich; and Kaylee. Without everyone of them, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this.”

Edenfield started the Happy’s brand with a catering business in May 2018. By July 2019, Happy’s opened its first downtown location (108 West Main Street), and patronage grew exponentially to the point that by December 2019, Edenfield and staff moved into the building that most recently housed Happy’s (121 Roger Shaw Street), renovated it, and turned it into a full-scale restaurant.

At Happy’s peak, the business had 10 employees. After the pandemic, staffing fell to just four people.

“We started thinking about closing two months ago,” Edenfield explained. “We decided to finally close last Monday. Our last day for business was Friday, July 23.”

When asked what’s coming next, Edenfield said he hasn’t figured that out yet. Nonetheless, he’s sure he’ll bounce back.

“What’s next for me? I honestly have no clue… But just know this isn’t going be the last restaurant I open. I will be back to give back to the great people in this community!”

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