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Healthy employees make productive employees

CPR Fitness is so excited to be in a partnership with Crider and its employees. We feel this will give many people the opportunity to use our gym and its facilities. This agreement has been established upon the basis that Crider will cover half of the membership and employees will pay the other half. This amount will be $40 per person and $30 for additional family members or friends added onto each account. Crider’s coverage on the membership will only be for the primary members. This means the total cost for all secondary members (add-ons) will have to be paid by the Crider employee alone.

Every Crider employee interested in participating will be subjected to a monthly draft for their portion of the membership. This draft will occur on the 15th of every month, and the method of payment can be a debit or credit card. In the event that an employee would like to cancel their membership, they must give a 30-day notice by signing a cancellation form in person at CPR Fitness. Once the last draft has been received, you will be removed from the Crider invoice and your membership will be cancelled.

This membership includes use of the pool, sauna, participation in classes, and 24 access to the gym area. You will also receive a discount on tanning and massage packages.

If you have any questions or would like further information on how your business could participate in this program as well, contact CPR Fitness at 478-237-8788 or 478-268-2150.

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