Here’s a ‘life hack’ you might not know!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Here’s a life hack for you! Did you know you can check for dead remote batteries using your smartphone? It’s true!

Most tv remotes use an infrared, shortly called “IR,” blaster to send signals over to your big screen. This can actually be seen through your smartphone’s camera.

If you’re wondering if your remote has seen its last days or if your batteries simply need changing, all you have to do is pull out your phone, open your camera app, and point the remote toward the lens. Next, press and hold any button.

If everything is functioning properly, you should see a red or pink light emitting from the top of the remote onto your screen through the camera. If the light is faint or dim, go ahead and replace those batteries. Do the same if you don’t see a light at all. (If you change the batteries and try this tip again with the same results, you’ll want to get a new remote as it has probably bit the bullet.)

One other thing—you may have to use the front-facing camera to see the infrared light if you’re using a newer iPhone.

Now this may not be “news,” but hey… Maybe this story will make life around the house a little less frustrating the next time you’re trying to turn the tv in a hurry!

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