Hickman, fellow senators pass conservative bills

Senator Billy Hickman provided a general update from the Georgia State Senate via Youtube. In the latest video, he recapped Week 8 of the legislative session. Hickman spoke as legislators wrapped up Day 24 of the session, and the collective, according to the Senator for District 4, passed some “great conservative bills in the Senate."

Hickman first illustrated the sheer volume of information that passes through the capitol, saying, “I dropped a bill earlier this week: Senate Bill 599. This means that for 2021 and now through 2022, we are up to 599 bills, which is just unbelievable.”

Before he leaves the capitol and heads back to Statesboro, Hickman gave an update on a few particular bills that he is proud of.

One of these bills includes the Save The Girls’ Sports Act, or Senate Bill 435. This act prevents biological males from competing against young girls in sports.

Another passed bill is the Unmasked Georgia Students Act, Senate Bill 514, which prohibits local school districts from imposing mask mandates.

Hickman also mentioned Senate Bill 456. This Women’s Health and Safety Act requires women to visit a doctor in person before receiving an abortion pill. It also prohibits the dispensation of abortion pills via telemedicine or mail.

He concludes by speaking about Senate Bill 319, the Constitutional Carry Bill, which is intended to expand upon 2nd Amendment rights for law-abiding Georgians.

Hickman ensures he will continue to update Georgia voters and implores those interested to visit www.legis.ga.gov to read more about legislation or reach out to him at billy.hickman@senate.ga.gov.

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