Holt joins Stillmore UMC

Chris Holt’s light has always shined in the Emanuel County. Born and raised in Swainsboro, the 34 year-old is a servant of God and the community alike. Holt is the son of Mrs. Della Page Holt and the late Mr. John C. Holt. He also has a brother, Matt Holt.

Holt graduated from Swainsboro High School in 2005 and came to know the Lord at an early age while attending the church he was raised at, Mount Shady Baptist Church. The church and his family played a huge role in his relationship with Christ. His Uncle Wayne was associate pastor and was named head pastor after Pastor Wilmer Hall retired.

Growing up watching his Uncle Wayne preach was extra special to Holt and inspired him to want to become a preacher one day. “I believed then and do now that my Uncle Wayne was awesome, and the emotion you heard in voice when He preached and when he talked about God drew even closer to wanting to minster,” said Holt.

Holt hasn’t always been in light, though… For almost 10 years he struggled with drug addiction until he got back on the narrow path. “In 2014 and 2015, I had ballooned up to 575 pounds. I was homebound. I couldn't go anywhere, couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe, I hurt all over throughout my body, and I was miserable. God stepped in and through my dear family friend, Pam Williams Claxton, kept on me to have weight loss surgery. February 2015, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Finally, I started talking to God and I told Him I am ready, and I know I have to give you my life if I want to go to Heaven. I was going to die without surgery, or I was going to die trying with surgery. I had no fear anymore and knew God had a better way.”

Holt then decided to have weight loss surgery along with his mother, and almost five years later, he is down 275 pounds and without a sign of heart failure.

Now, Holt has just accepted a new role in the community as head pastor at Stillmore United Methodist Church. He hopes to put God and each member first and carry out his roles and duties accordingly. “Throughout this year I will be going through a process to become ordained through the Methodist governing laws and body, which will give me the ability to baptize and have communion. My duties are to be the feet and hands of Jesus Christ and serve Stillmore UMC as Jesus Christ would,” said Holt.

All are welcomed to join Chris Holt as he starts a new journey as UMC Stillmore’s head pastor. “UMC membership is open to everyone. You have a home with our wonderful Church family. If you desire grows and you feel lead by God to become a member, then will prayerfully start the process and you will become a member.”

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