Home improvements at low cost

By Tracy Thompson

The living room is one of the most popular rooms in your home, as you spend time there with your guests and family. There are a few ways to freshen up your living room and make it more inviting without spending a large amount of money, and without costly renovations.

Painting your walls is a low-cost project that you can do yourself, and a new color can add a clean look to your walls. Applying texture to the walls can change the appearance of any room and give it a whole new look along with fresh paint.

Applying crown molding to your walls can add style and improve the appearance of your walls. For lower ceilings you should use a smaller molding, as a large molding on low ceilings will make the walls seem shorter. There are many styles of crown molding that are not costly and they can improve the appearance of a room.

Changing the lighting in a room is also inexpensive and can brighten up a room and make it more inviting. More light can make a room seem larger and opens up the space. Additional lights and lamps can be added at minimal cost depending on the type and style that you choose.

Putting up a chair rail in a room can also add style and change the appearance of a room. The chair rail is close to eye level and draws attention to the walls. You can paint the area above the rail a different color than the area below the rail and this also can add an appealing appearance to the walls. The molding for chair rail can be done yourself at a low cost, but can add good value to your home.

The ideas above can be done at a low cost to the home owner and can be done yourself without spending a lot of money, and you just need a few tools. Once you have purchased paint supplies, hammer, nails, miter box and saw, you can use these supplies for more projects in the future. Keeping your home in good repair doesn’t have to cost a lot and making the improvements mentioned above can add value to your home.

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