Hooks and Lane win BOE races, county commission District 5 race moves to runoff

Emanuel County voters elected a number of officials to several local government seats Tuesday, including the county commission and the board of education. Of those elected is newcomer Cherie Hooks, and one race will be determined by a runoff on June 21. One incumbent in local government will keep her position, and seven will re-enter unopposed.

Hooks defeated incumbent Phyllis Dixon to secure her seat on the Emanuel County Board of Education. She will now serve District 2. The final tally in this race was Hooks – 470, Dixon – 175.

Timothy Oliver and incumbent James Ray Canady will face off in a few weeks as neither candidate received 51 percent of the votes in the Emanuel County Board of Commission District 5 election. Oliver received 268 votes in his rookie political campaign to Canady’s 242. A third contender, Cameron Beasley, received 161 votes.

The runoff date is set for June 21. As always, voters should report to their assigned precincts on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There will be a 5-day period for runoff early voting the week before; dates are June 13 through June 17, and hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the elections office on Main Street. The last day to request an absentee ballot for the runoff is June 10. Voters who participated in the primary should note they must stick with the party of their choice in the runoff. However, voters who selected a nonpartisan ballot in the primary or passed on voting in the primary at all will be able to select a party in the runoff. The deadline to register for this election has already passed; the last day to do so was May 23.

The lone incumbent with opposition who will maintain her elected capacity is Tanya Lane. The Emanuel County Board of Education District 4 representative received 632 votes total and defeated Jonathan Hampton, who received 116 votes, and Tracy Ivey, who received 70 votes.

Incumbents returning to their posts as the only names on the ballot this election cycle include The Honorable Robert S. Reeves and The Honorable Tommy J. Smith, both superior court judges for the Middle Judicial Circuit, which encompasses Emanuel and four other counties; county commissioner Keith Thompson of District 2; county commission chairman James A. “Jim” Sherrod of District 4; Emanuel County Board of Education District 5 representative Johnny Parker; Emanuel County Board of Education District 6 representative Sandra Swinney; and Emanuel County solicitor general Connie Peebles Terwilliger.

Max Burns of Georgia Senate District 23, which includes Emanuel, will also re-enter unopposed.

Emanuel County also passed TSPLOST. A total of 2,567 persons voted yes while 1,433 voted no.

In other election news, local voters carried several state races in definitive fashion. (The following results indicate which candidates in state races won Emanuel, do not reflect results from other areas of the state, and therefore should not be considered final winners.)

Receiving the go-ahead in Emanuel were Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock in the U.S. Senate race; Walker received 2,602 votes total while Warnock’s tally came in at 784.

Incumbent Brian Kemp won the governor’s race here in Emanuel with 2,253 votes on the Republican ticket. Stacey Abrams was the only Democrat to qualify for Georgia’s governor race and will move on to the general election without opposition.

Local voters gave the Republican race for lieutenant governor to Bert Jones with 1,485 votes. Renitta Shannon won this race on the Democratic side with 169 votes.

Incumbent Brad Raffensperger won the Secretary of State race in Emanuel out of the four Republicans on the ballot; he received 1,344 votes. Bee Nguyen won the same race out of five Democrats, receiving 203 votes.

The State Superintendent of Schools race went to Republican incumbent Richard Woods with 2,370 votes and Democratic Alisha Thomas Searcy with 349 votes.

Finally, Democrat Nakita Hemingway won Emanuel in the Commissioner of Agriculture race with 289 votes. Tyler Harper will automatically advance to the general as the lone Republican who qualified.

Four candidates between two other races, one for the U.S. House of Representatives’ 12th District and another for the Georgia House of Representatives’ District 158, will move on to the general automatically as well.

Incumbent Rick Allen had no challengers for District 12 on the Republican side, and Elizabeth “Liz” Johnson, his opposition, had no fellow Democrats to beat out in the primary.

Likewise, incumbent Butch Parrish had no Republican challengers along his campaign for re-election to District 158. Madeline Ryan Smith, the only Democrat to qualify in this race, had no challengers, either.

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