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Hospital CEO on state of COVID: ‘Please be patient’

The following letter was penned by the local hospital’s chief executive officer on Monday, August 23, and submitted to The Chronicle for publication. Please take time to read this important message from Emanuel Medical’s leadership.

Dear Community,

Emanuel Medical Center clinics and emergency department are experiencing extremely high volumes. In the last two weeks, we have tested 1,364 people with 433 positives. This is very high volumes for a facility our size. Please be patient with our team as we attempt to contact every patient with their results.

Although this is a very fluid situation, we currently have 14 COVID-19 patients in the hospital and 20 COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 in our emergency department. Our EMC team is here to serve you, but please be patient with them as many of them are working extremely long hours to meet this surge.

Our greatest tools to slow down this surge are masks, vaccination, and REGEN-COV. We are offering the Moderna vaccine on Wednesdays starting at noon at the hospital. If you already tested positive, talk to your provider immediately about REGEN-COV.

Lastly, please don’t forget my team as they seek to serve this community.


Damien Scott, PT MBA MS

Chief Executive Officer

Emanuel Medical Center

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