I-16 bridge replacement project comes with $3.5 million price tag

After more than three months, the Georgia Department of Transportation is now able to put a dollar amount on the damage sustained to a portion of Interstate 16 in the nearby area.

GDOT – East’s Kyle Collins reported last Thursday that a $3.580 million construction contract had been awarded to Georgia Bridge and Concrete to repair the overpass bridge carrying Highway 86 into Treutlen County, which was damaged in a major accident back on July 15 when an Alabama hauler by the name of Cecil Reeves drove his raised dump truck bed into the bridge, shifting it about 6 feet. He was later cited for driving with an expired license.

Although there were no injuries to the driver, his female passenger from Mississippi, or other motorists, the accident had many repercussions. Immediately, both lanes of travel were shut down, traffic was rerouted, and the original bridge was demolished within two days.

Additionally, GDOT awarded a maintenance contract to resurface a four-mile section of Highway 221 north of I-16 that was damaged during the summer interstate detour.

With a contract now in place, GDOT is moving closer to having the I-16 overpass bridge permanently repaired with an open-to-traffic goal of summer 2022.

According to Collins, the project will be a full replacement, including old substructure. Beams will be made of concrete, not steel, this go ‘round because concrete is readily available and common in modern designs. Additionally, the roadway will be raised 1 foot to accommodate the bulb T beams.

Work should begin once the notice to proceed comes through and should take about 180 on-site days. Collins anticipates work to ramp up in the first quarter of the new year.

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