‘I remember smiling as I went under water’ Yeomans is baptized at Nunez BC

Katharine Elise Yeomans publicly gave her life to Christ in a baptismal ceremony at Nunez Baptist Church on Sunday, February 27.

“Kate,” as she is affectionately called, is the daughter of Russ and Stacy Yeomans. Her grandparents include Carol Yeomans of Swainsboro, Tommy and Kelly Jarriel of Metter, and the late H.G. Yeomans. She is a fifth grader at David Emanuel Academy.

According to her parents, Kate has grown up in church. She flourished in the children’s ministry at First Baptist Church of Swainsboro until the age of 6 when the Yeomans Family decided to move. Though they are now members of Nunez Baptist Church, the Yeomanses applaud First Baptist Church and its congregation.

Kate’s Sunday School teachers at Nunez Baptist have played a “vital” role in her understanding of Jesus and need for a Savior. The Yeomanses have felt especially welcomed by congregants, saying Nunez Baptist is a “small family atmosphere where you are cared for and prepared for.”

Over the last year, Kate has come to better understand and realize her need for a mediator. Through Bible reading at home, Christian curriculum at DEA, and the shepherding of Pastor Jim Harrell and other servants at Nunez, she has learned that sin is a barrier between her and God.

“Kate began to understand and believe that the only way that she could be found worthy was through the sacrifice of Jesus on her behalf,” her dad wrote in an email. “One morning as we were riding to school, I asked her if she truly believed that Jesus is who He said He was. She said, ‘Yes sir! I trust Jesus!’ Later, she prayed acknowledging her sin and asking that he truly be present in her heart.”

On Sunday night, February 20, Kate told Russ and Stacy she was ready to make her decision public and be baptized. The Yeomanses contacted Pastor Harrell, met with him, and planned for her public profession of faith for the next Sunday. The baptism followed that profession immediately with many aunts, uncles, and cousins visiting Nunez to bear witness. Of course, her parents and grandparents attended as well.

The weekend of Kate’s baptism would have been her late grandfather’s 75th birthday. This was significant to the family because they believe Kate’s “Papa” would have been proud of her decision.

Kate’s parents were excited and proud of their daughter. They recognize the necessity of this decision being of Kate’s own volition, which makes it all the more powerful.

“You want to influence your kids in the ways you believe are true and right but ultimately, they must make their own decisions. This was her decision. She understands and believes that apart from a relationship with Jesus, one cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

When asked what her most vivid memory of the experience was, Kate said, “I remember smiling as I went under water.”

Her parents say that Sunday was a great day in the Lord’s House. “The Spirit was present, and it seemed the Lord was at work in that place. There were several other praises expressed in song and words spoken that day that just warmed the hearts of the congregate who had been praying specifically over several situations. Kate’s public acknowledgement and baptism were just a fitting end to a wonderful worship experience.”

Kate’s message to readers is to “love people with a heart like Jesus.” Her favorite passage is Psalms 23.

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