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‘It’s not about me. It’s about Him!’

A local man has recreated the crucifixion and put the sculpture on display just in time for Easter. The artist requested anonymity to keep the the focus on the project’s intended subject, Jesus Christ, and away from himself. He said to The Chronicle, who visited the sculpture’s home inside an area church last Friday, “It’s not about me. It’s about Him!” The artist then provided The Chronicle with the following letter, detailing the project’s journey.

15 years ago, I was told by a doctor that I had the worst case of cancer he had seen in his 25 years of practice. I always thought I was a pretty good guy and I tried to live my life the best I could, but hearing something like that made me think more about what is after this life than what was happening now. I thought I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, but the words the doctor said made me wonder.

Starting that day, I prayed more. I asked for help from the Holy Spirit more. I read my Bible more and just talked to Jesus more. As time moved on, Jesus became a bigger part of my life—not just a bigger part but the most important part. I developed a relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. God would talk to me every day, and I would truly listen. He would ask things of me, and I would do my best to do what He asked, although I would battle Him at times.

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, even though I haven’t done much of it lately. For a long period of time, the Lord had been putting thoughts in my mind about trying to do a sculpture of Him on the Cross, a statue of the Crucifix, but I had never created a statue. He kept saying for me to do this! I finally said that I would try, but if it did not turn out the way I wanted, I would trash it. Then He asked me, ‘Did I not see you through the toughest part of your life? Wasn’t I always there? Didn’t I hold the doctors’ hands as they did what I asked them to do for you? I will hold your hand and lead you through this. I will always be with you. Remember… This is not about you, anyway. It’s about me. Never forget—it’s about me.’

With Jesus leading me, I worked through this project for my Lord and Savior. My prayers are that someone’s heart will be touched by what has been created. I was inspired by Jesus Christ to do this. Remember… It’s not about me doing this; it’s about what our Lord and Savior did for us.

The sculpture can be viewed 24 hours a day in the foyer of Emanuel Christian Ministries on Lambs Bridge Road in Swainsboro.

John 3:16 — “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

From The Crossroads Chronicle to you and yours, have a blessed Easter. Our office will be closed April 2 in observance of Good Friday. See Page 3 for more photos of the sculpture.

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