It’s not your imagination… It’s ‘magic!’

Rodney Patterson of Stillmore started Pam’s Magic Sauce Café in Twin City on January 10 of this year. His restaurant is “good, southern barbecue, and according to him, it has the best sauce on the market.

The idea for his business sparked when Patterson borrowed a friend’s grill and served food on the side of the road near Joe’s Amoco in Swainsboro. “The line was crazy. It went from there,” he said.

Now, as for his secret ingredient, Patterson has vendors all over the country distributing Pam’s Magic Sauce. “From Texas to Illinois to Alabama to Florida—you name it, we have it everywhere.”

Patterson got the idea for his namesake “Pam’s Magic Sauce” from two special people in his life.

The first of those two people? His sister, Pamela, who passed away from sickle cell anemia. Prior to her death, Patterson had promised her he would make it in the music business. When that didn’t pan out, he thought he should honor her with his next endeavor, which has turned out to be his true success: Pam’s Magic Sauce.

The “Magic” component of his business name pays homage to his late friend, Eric Deshaun “Magic” Davis.

According to Patterson, what makes his business special is that his creation is a “universal, kid-friendly sauce that goes on everything and anything from chicken nuggets to Boston butts.”

He said, “It’s a taste that has never been eaten before. We are the new ketchup. When you try Pam’s Magic Sauce Café, expect to have the best sauce in America on your plate.”

The diner is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday and Tuesday; 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday; and 11 a.m. “until it’s gone” on Sunday. Patterson plans to expand to two other locations in the future as well as franchise his business. He hopes for longevity and success with “Pam’s Magic Sauce.

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