Jesus Saves—and provides a new home!

Pastor Brad Mckenzie is proud to announce that Jesus Saves Church has found a place to build its permanent home. The leaders of the church were able to secure several acres of land on Highway 56, thanks to a large contribution. The land was purchased during the summer, and they hope to break ground in the coming weeks.

The Jesus Saves Church congregation has grown to over 75 members since its founding in August 2019. As thy cup runneth over, the congregation quickly outgrew their temporary space. McKenzie recalls several Sundays where the leaders of the church had to come up with innovative solutions to keep service going. He tells stories of having to preach in the dark because of a rogue coffee pot tripping the breaker and a time when church members had to hammer a jammed door off its hinges during service. Between drive-in services, people squeezing into hallways, and having children’s church outdoors, the leaders of the church have done their best to make the small space work. McKenzie says they always knew they needed a permanent home and “trusted that God would lead them there when the time was right.”

McKenzie is no stranger to listening to signs from God. About eight years ago, he recalls feeling uneasy after seeing a man named Johnny Peebles, who many in the community may remember, standing on the street corner with a sign that read “Jesus is Coming Soon.” After he was saved, he realized that “God had put this strange man in [his] life to get [his] attention along the way.” McKenzie, inspired by Mr. Peebles, adopted the phrase “Jesus Saves” to signs of his own. With these signs, he traveled around the country to places such as New York, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., and Orlando, Florida on a mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Shortly after this mission, McKenzie was called to pastoring. After about five years, he was called to open his own church. When the time came to pick a name for this new church, McKenzie says, “There was never a doubt in my mind… That simple sign that read ‘Jesus Saves’ had become a staple in my life. It would have been a shame if it was called anything other than Jesus Saves Church.”

As Jesus Saves Church gets ready to build its forever home, the church has welcomed a new deacon, Travis Wilkerson, and youth pastor, Ashley Roberson. McKenzie credits his wife, Jessica, and his father, Deacon Roger McKenzie, for making these ventures possible with their endless support. Jesus Saves Church wants to reach people with Jesus, share the gospel, and be a “lighthouse for Jesus in the community.” They hope to make the most of the 7-8 acres they were blessed with in order to offer a place for the community to bring their families and come to know Jesus.

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