Jones joins Chronicle news team

The Crossroads Chronicle has added Casey Jones to its newsroom team. The new hire will join the staff full-time in two weeks. For now, he is remotely reporting for The Chronicle part-time. His first piece is printed elsewhere in this edition.

The 29-year-old son of Vanessa Grindler and Cliff Jones is a longtime Swainsboro resident with a true talent for written word and a dedicated work history, although his employment with The Chronicle is his first official, full-time job in the news industry.

Jones graduated from Swainsboro High School in 2009. He says his love for writing actually began in middle school, but he was deeply invested in his drawing acumen at the time. This trend remained throughout high school. As a sophomore, he received the Illustration Artist of the Year Award, but he also received an award for being the top literary student. The struggle between pursuing either drawing or writing was ongoing until he got to college, and it was there he discovered writing as his “one true love.”

At East Georgia State College, he began honing his skills as a writer and expanding further his abilities. He began to discover just how deep his vocabulary could be in tandem with the technical proficiency to express himself as he wanted—but also do so with the flair of a writer worth his salt.

Since then, he has capitalized on writing opportunities that have come his way. He penned contributions for a wrestling publication by Trey Cox. He also wrote briefly for The Forest-Blade at the behest of Jen Meadows.

Jones took a detour from his path to becoming a regularly published, full-time author when a depressive season of life struck during college. He, in his own words, ultimately stopped progressing toward graduating, despite being so close. He gave up, retreated into himself and his mind, and convinced himself he would never become a writer. He later landed a job with the local Dairy Queen, a company with which he spent five years of his life until last week when he was offered the position with The Chronicle and accepted happily and gratefully. He is excited to reassert his presence in writing, further develop his skills, actualize his dream, and overall serve this community.

In coming aboard, Jones adds to The Chronicle’s already talent-filled staff. Joining Savannah Ann Harkins, Brianna Tapley, Lauren Canady, and a slew of other contributors, as an intelligent wordsmith and naturally inclined journalist Jones will cover nearly all beats in the future. Look for more information about how to contact him for Chronicle needs as well as his own works in the future.

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