Judgement House now open

For 20 years, the congregation of believers at Hawhammock Baptist Church have presented Judgement House, a ministry that the leaders of the church thought would touch an audience that was not being ministered to. To get a better understanding of this year’s event, The Crossroads Chronicle reached out to Sharon Weatherford, assistant committee chair of Judgement House, and she shared the following with us.

What is the background of Judgement House?

Weatherford: Hawhammock Baptist Church became a covenant partner with Judgement House and hosted our first presentation in 2001. It has been presented every year following with the help of many fellow believers in this community. Of course, it had to be canceled last year, but we feel that the Lord is asking us to be obedient and share His love and plan of salvation through Jesus Christ again this year, our 20th year. The production is truly a whole church endeavor. There are more people working behind the scenes than those visible.

It is mission of Hawhammock to serve churches in our area and the unchurched to open minds and hearts to the love of Jesus. We were told in the beginning that the numbers would dwindle after the first three years. God is blessing the ministry, so we will trust Him and serve. We are humbly thankful for the support of the community throughout the years. The pastor of Hawhammock, Cail Pressey says, “We are excited about this year’s presentation. The script is strong, and the message is strong. We hope that the community will come share as the gospel of Jesus is presented in drama.”

Can you give a brief description of what the public can expect when they arrive?

Weatherford: Judgement House is a walk-through drama that presents the truth of people’s choices versus the consequences of those decisions both in this life and the next. It presents the gospel and gives individuals the opportunity to choose a personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Upon entering registration, you will be cordially greeted and asked to fill out an information card. When it is time for you to begin your journey, a guide will escort your group through a series of rooms as a tragic story unfolds. You will follow the story of the main characters as they face life after death in Judgement, and finally, Hell or Heaven.

Can you share the story line for this year?

Weatherford: This year’s performance is entitled “The Masquerade.” The Brown Family is active in their community and in their church. Mrs. Brown is the women’s ministry coordinator for an upcoming masquerade party. Mr. Brown is a deacon at the church and a very family-oriented dad and husband. Mr. Brown has a co-worker, Darren Johnson, whose life has been filled with tragedy and hurt, causing him to wear an emotional mask that could not be penetrated. Because of his background, Darren is strongly opposed to anything regarding church or God. Finally, God’s love breaks through his mask, and he experiences true freedom.

What are the dates for this year?

Weatherford: This year’s Judgement House began Sunday, October 24. We have a handful of dates left: Wednesday, October 27; Saturday, October 30; and Sunday, October 31.

Do people need to reserve a time?

Weatherford: Reservations are highly recommended. Call or text Linda Jordan at 478-455-4687. She will return your call or text and let you know the available days and times. There is no cost to attend.

How large can groups be?

Weatherford: Due to safety, we will have smaller groups this year. Because of these changes, there will be a limited number of people who will be able to walk through the production. In the past, we have welcomed “walk-ins.” This year, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to go through without a reservation. Many of the times are already filled.

We here at The Crossroads Chronicle would like to thank Sharon for her insight into this year and hope that everyone that attends will receive a blessing from this experience. We also pray for success for Hawhammock Baptist Church as it continues this ministry.

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