Kiwanians hear from yoga instructor

The Kiwanis Club of Swainsboro heard an interesting program in February. A yoga instructor from Metter, Kim Critchley, joined the group and told about the benefits of this particular kind of exercise.

Critchley owns Kindred Yoga in Metter and relayed her knowledge about the practice. Reportedly, yoga increases flexibility and strength, allows practicers to have a greater sense of body awareness, reduces stress and anxiety, improves cardiovascular health, assists in weight management, and often creates a community between all who participate in yoga.

Critchley went on to dispel common doubts related to yoga due to physical inflexibility. She also mentioned some people view yoga as a religion. Kindred Yoga in Metter removes these barriers by offering classes from the Christian perspective and welcomes all to participate. Programs there range from rehabilitative in nature to more sweat-producing “hot classes.” In general, Kindred Yoga, according to its owner, provides a “healing and friendly environment for practice and growth.”

In closing, Critchley went through a simple relaxation exercise with the Kiwanians.

She was introduced by host Sondra Fortner.

In other news, Windy Ward won the pick pickin’ cake donated by Jane Durden and baked by Petite Garrett. Frank Patrick won the pizza donated by Domino’s, and Dess Smith took home the Valentine’s candy brought by President Diana Wedincamp.

Total, 29 people attended the February 15 meeting. This number included three guests: Critchley, Calder Ward, and Division 17 Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Lafond.

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