Lamb takes biggest deer yet

This past Monday evening was an ordinary afternoon spent in the woods for Chris Lamb—until it wasn’t.

The Kite resident was hunting on family land in Midville on December 13 and had low expectations. The rut, for the most part, has concluded and there hadn’t been much movement in the area recorded on his deer cam.

That’s why he was surprised when a deer stepped out just before dark.

“I could tell he was tall, but that was all I could make out,” Lamb said. He used a 6.5mm Creedmoore rifle for the harvest.

He had to trail the deer about 75 yards, but what he found was the best kind of surprise.

“I walked up to him and saw he was a 10-point,” Lamb continued. “I was so surprised. I honestly wasn’t expecting it.”

This harvest is his biggest to date, which says a lot since he has been hunting since boyhood.

He drug the deer back to his pick-up, loaded it up, and took it across the way to Jim Sherrod’s Quality Deer Processing to put some meat in the freezer.

The plan is to have the animal caped out and shoulder mounted. When the taxidermy is returned in the next few months, Lamb plans to replace his 8-point mount in his living room with the new and improved trophy.

“I wasn’t going to go hunting at all Monday night. My dad was going to go instead. He hasn’t hunted much at all these last few years, so I wanted him to go. He decided not to, though, so he and I went to the cemetery to my sister’s grave,” he said. “I’m really proud of this deer because I’ve been frustrated lately. I haven’t seen a big deer in a long time, and I haven’t seen many deer at all this year. Maci and I loved to hunt together. I feel like she was there with me Monday night and sent this deer my way as a surprise and a way to kind of pick at my dad. I can hear her now, saying to him, ‘You should’ve went, Daddy. You’re welcome, Bubba.’ We miss her every day, but it’s things like this that keep us close to her. Hunting really is sentimental to some of us outdoorsmen, and this is the perfect example of why.”

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