Leader of America Knits visits Rotarians

During Swainsboro Rotary’s meeting on Monday, April 18, at Rustic Grill at noon, members heard from the leader of a local industry, Steve Hawkins of America Knits.

The president of the manufacturer first delivered a brief overview of the company, then told about its significant contributions to aiding pandemic workers.

America Knits, Hawkins shared, began in July 2019 in Swainsboro with a mission to fill a market demand for American made premium tees with a focus on using an automated manufacturing process combined with raw materials.

During the pandemic, America Knits and its 70 full-time employees produced medical scrubs for rural Georgia hospitals. These were manufactured using a fabric treated with antiviral protection.

This led Governor Brian Kemp and other dignitaries—including the entire supply chain—to visit Tifton for a launch party. Additionally, America Knits’s effort landed the company in a special article in The New York Times. This piece highlighted the importance of bringing back factories to the United States and used America Knits as a shining example of how that can be done successfully.

In addition to the scrubs America Knits provided during the pandemic, the company also provided J. Crew with 700,000 premium t-shirts in 2021.

The last bit of information shared with Rotarians by Hawkins was this: America Knits hopes to grow its employment number from 70 to 100 by the end of the year.

Hawkins was introduced as the meeting speaker by Milton Gray.

In other news, Wade Johnson introduced another special guest attending the meeting, Morgan Morris. The Tennille native is an attorney at Cadle Law Firm and will reside in Kite.

The Rotarians also discussed the upcoming Pine Tree Festival beauty pageant, which will take place next Saturday, April 30, at Swainsboro Auditorium.

Guy Singletary called the meeting to order, and the club recited the pledge, Four-Way Test, and had the invocation.

Swainsboro Rotary will next convene Monday, April 25, at its usual meeting place, Rustic Grill, at noon.

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