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Leadership Emanuel tours Stitch-N-Print operations

On Wednesday, November 9th, the Leadership Emanuel class met in Twin City for their last session. The group toured the Stitch-N-Print weaving facility where they weave neon ribbon for work uniforms and other clothing items. The neon material has reflective tape added to it at their main facility before final use. At their main facility, there is an embroidery department and a tape department where the reflective tape is sewn on different articles of clothing. There is also a section of their facility dedicated to military-related work orders. After the tours, the group convened at George L. Smith State Park for a class on Robert’s Rules of Order given by John Allen Bailey.

We would like to thank the participants for their commitment to Leadership Emanuel and congratulate them on completing the class. The 2022 Leadership Emanuel class participants were Vicki Anderson, Lisa Bertoch, Shayna Boston, Morgan Boulineau, Steven Clark, Jonathan Hampton, Scotty Hattaway, Tonya Hooks, Shannon Lawrence, Brooke Marsh, Stefanie Mason, Kayla McKenzie, Zach Proctor, Mary Radford, Harley Smith, Anna Torrance, Michala Valora, Avery Williams, and Sonya Wilson.

Leadership Emanuel is a program sponsored by the Swainsboro-Emanuel County Chamber of Commerce and funded in part by the Millcreek Foundation. Its intent is to build better, more informed leaders in our community through a series of sessions emphasizing practices of exemplary leadership, business and industry tours, and group discussions on issues facing our community both now and in the future. The sessions meet at various locations throughout our county allowing the participants to experience the opportunities available, better equipping them to be more effective leaders for the future.

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