Learning tip of the week: Perfectionism can hurt your child’s ability to learn

We all want children to live up to their potential, but that doesn’t mean every child has to be the best at everything.

In fact, when kids spend all their time trying to be perfect, they may actually end up hurting their ability to learn. Could your student be a perfectionist?

Perfectionists often focus on what they did wrong instead of what they did well, always have to get an A grade, avoid trying new things for fear of failing, and put things off out of fear that their work won’t be good enough.

So, what can you do if you see these traits in your student? Show that you value who your child is, not what your child does. Also, try to help your child see what’s important and what isn’t. Your student should spend time researching for a report that’s due—but it probably isn’t necessary to spend hours coloring the cover.

Making time for activities your child can do that don’t involve competition is a great idea as well. You can also read about other achievers; many say their mistakes were what helped them learn most.

Lastly, applaud your child for taking healthy risks. Positive challenges help people learn and grow.

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