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Lekedra Nicole Williams Holmes, 41

Funeral services for Lekedra Nicole Williams Holmes, 41, were held Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 11 a.m. at Springville Community Cemetery in Lake City, Florida with Rev. Travis L. George from Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church serving as the eulogist. She passed away September 22, 2021.

Mrs. Lekedra Nicole Williams Holmes was born July 31, 1980 into the heart and life of her family. She had a bright smile, captured hearts, and was a “bright sunshine.” Her granddaddy began calling her “Pinto,” for she was small and feisty. Before birth, she had a mind of her own; Dr. Benefield could not get her to “act right” to be delivered in a normal fashion.

Mrs. Holmes grew up in a spirit-filled family. She learned the value of prayer, praise, and the Word of God at an early age. She accepted Christ easily because He was always part of her upbringing. She had a passionate love for praise dancing; she choreographed with her mother, incorporating sign language throughout her routines. Later in life, she taught other youth these skills. Her signature dance was to “Order My Steps.”

Her work in praise dancing overlapped with her study of the Word. Mrs. Holmes worked hard in Mount Pleasant Youth Group’s Biblical studies. Under the pastorage of Dr. Curtis J. Coiled, she listened attentively to the Word of God. She studied in Sunday school, knowing all this knowledge would be very beneficial in July at First Central District Congress of Christian Education. The Bible Brain Bowl Team from Mount Pleasant came to conquer as they were led by her. She enjoyed her time singing in the District Congress Mass Choir as well. Along with other youth from Mount Pleasant, Mrs. Holmes attended GFBC State Congress of Christian Education.

During the latter years of her life, she became immersed in the work of the church as well as the work in the church. Mrs. Holmes set up Mount Pleasant to be in the Relay for Life this year; she set its goal at $200. With a little encouragement, she increased that goal to $300. The church reported close to $500.

She also enjoyed being an usher, attending Sunday school, and actively participating in Bible study and prayer meeting.

Mrs. Holmes received her education in the public schools of Columbia County, Florida. During this period, she was in the band and was a member of JROTC.

Her last testimony about the goodness of the Lord in her life was given in prayer meeting on Thursday, September 16, 2021. Although her family knew she was terminally ill, little did they know she was “packing up, getting ready to go.” On Sunday morning, she was not on her post at the door during worship. Her bags were packed, and she had her ticket.

Mrs. Holmes was taken to the hospital, but she was listening to her Savior’s voice as He was calling her home from her pain and suffering. On Wednesday, September 22, her family had to accept that she had answered the voice of her Savior. She took her wings and flew away to be at rest.

Mrs. Holmes leaves a multitude of family members and friends to remember her. Those include two sons, Micah Xavier “Peanut” Williams and Kelvin Eugene “Boomer” Strong Jr., both of whom were left in the care of her mother, her Auntie Betty, and Betty’s son, Landon Green.

Mrs. Holmes is also survived by her mother, Jacqueline Jones Williams; her father, Lee Arthur Williams, and his wife, Marie; one sister, Crystal Franklin; four aunts, Gloria (LC) Bradley, Mamie (Terry) Wilson, Betty Wilson, and Carolyn (Glenn) Jones; four uncles, Theola Jr. (VanLeesa) Jones, Ronald (Jessie) Jones, Michael (Angelina) Jones, and Henry Freeman (Brenda); her forever aunt, Bonita Jones; devoted fiancé and caregiver, Kelvin Eugene Strong Sr.; several great-aunts and great-uncles; loving first cousins, Travaris, Thaddeus, David, Jayson, Jessica, Rashanda, Wayne Jr., Jonathan Jr., Darius, Lamar, Monique, Kayla, Landon, and Mikyla; and many cousins and friends.

The family entrusted her services to Douglas M. Dell Funeral Home of Live Oak.

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