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Let's talk love!

Things are different for kids today, largely because of the internet. Do kids at school still give each other Valentine’s cards or do they just swipe right on each other? What do kids know about love, anyway? We at The Chronicle aren’t real sure… But we wanted to know! So we sat down with two very bright young boys to find out! Interviewed for this Chronicle project were: 4-year-old twins Cannon and Brooks Dixon. They are the sons of Bridget and Chesley Dixon. Their grandparents are Andy and Teresa Dixon of Swainsboro and T.J. and Kathy Dixon of Metter, and they have two brothers, Cooper and Paxton.

What does love mean?

Cannon: To love somebody with your whole heart.

Brooks: When you care about someone so much.

How old should you be when you get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Cannon: I already got a girlfriend.

Brooks: I already got a girlfriend.

Where would you take someone on a date?

Cannon: To the syrup factory.

Brooks: To the popcorn factory.

What would you wear on a date?

Cannon: Clothes.

Brooks: Clothes.

What would you order to eat on a date?

Cannon: Pancakes.

Brooks: Cheeseburger and chicken nuggets.

Why do girls like flowers and candy so much?

Cannon: Because they are beautiful and girls like sugar.

Brooks: I just don’t know.

What would your mom or dad say if you told her you had a girlfriend?

Cannon: To treat her nice.

Brooks: Good job.

What do you give someone for Valentine’s Day?

Cannon: A card.

Brooks: Flowers.

Who is Cupid? What do you think about him?

Cannon: God, because He changes the weather and helps people fall in love.

How old should you be when you get married?

Cannon: I don’t want to get married.

Brooks: Hm… I’m already married!

What do people do at a wedding?

Cannon: They marry people.

Brooks: They love each other and dance.

What is a honeymoon?

Cannon: It’s something you eat. It’s a honeybun.

Brooks: I don’t know, but it sounds funny!

What is something your dad does for your mom?

Cannon: He protects her and dances with her.

Brooks: He takes care of her.

What is a wife’s job?

Brooks: To boss the kids around.

Cannon: To boss us kids around, like Brooks said.

What is a husband’s job?

Cannon: To protect the family.

Brooks: To take care of our family.

What is something your mom does for your dad?

Cannon: She dances with him.

Brooks: She loves him and cares a lot about him.

If someone is having trouble with their love life, what advice would you give them to help make it better?

Cannon: Get along and be nice.

Brooks: Chill out!

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