Letter to the Editor: ‘I am saddened, disappointed, and disgusted’

Dear Editor,

I’m saddened, disappointed and disgusted. I’m saddened at the amount of trash on our roadways throughout the county. I’m disappointed that the contractors just picked up trash along these same roads that are now littered with trash. I’m disgusted that we spend so much money, taxpayer money, to have these roadsides picked up.

In 2020, the Emanuel County Board of Commissioners reached out to a private contractor that has been doing right-of-way work for the state. We wanted to see how much it would cost to have them service our county. We thought it would be an astronomical amount, but we were surprised to find out it was about the same money that we were already paying to have our roadsides cleaned up.

The plan called for the contractors to pick up trash on the most traveled roads three times a year, less traveled roads twice a year, and the least traveled roads once a year. We contracted with them, and they have done an awesome job.

The first time was a county-wide sweep. People, they picked up all the county maintained paved roads in seven days. Four months later, they picked up trash again, and about a month ago, they came through again. This is where the sad part comes in.

As of today, you can’t tell if the trash has ever been picked up. Personally, I believe most of it comes from flying out of the back of trucks and the rest from being thrown out the window by folks who just don’t care. We as a community must do better.

The board of commissioners tries to be as frugal with taxpayer money as possible and the county is in good financial shape, but moving forward, just think of how much money could be saved if people would just do right. It would only take a little effort to make sure that bag of trash, that corn bag, that fast-food wrapper, that empty box of 12 pack of beer, or whatever it is in the back of your truck does not fly out and is disposed of properly. If people would do that, then they would be stepping up and this county will look a little better and we won’t have to spend as much tax dollars on trash as we do now.

If you are one of the ones who throws trash out the window, shame on you. If you have trash that= can blow out of your truck and you don’t secure it, shame on you, too. I will not have any sympathy for you if you get caught. I, like most folks, don’t like being sad, disappointed, and disgusted, but what I really despise is big government. However, if things don’t change, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an ordinance that adds a fine to any vehicle that has items that are not secure and are deemed to be items that can litter the roadside.

Please help keep Emanuel County clean and beautiful.

“Just do right.”

Jim Sherrod

Chairman, Emanuel County Board of Commissioners

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