Letter to the Editor: The Crossroads Chronicle is one of the best weeklies in Georgia

Reading the inaugural edition of The Crossroads Chronicle, it would be easy to assume that this newspaper already had a decades-long history. This is because even in its first issue, it captures the essence of Emanuel County and Swainsboro, and you can tell that writer Halei Lamb and staff have an amazing talent for encapsulating the heart and soul of this community.

Part of the appeal of The Crossroads Chronicle is its focus on community. I thoroughly enjoyed the in-depth profiles of Deidra Jordan, Zach Carruth and Pastor Gavin Robinson, among others. The “Finding Our Folks” section is such a neat way to follow the lives of Emanuel natives, and highlighting teachers and medical professionals is something more newspapers should do, especially during the pandemic.

I also appreciated the attention given to the small business community. I couldn’t put down the paper once I started reading about the Stoltzfus Family and how their famous cheesecake came about after their daughter wanted to hone her photography skills.

One thing I noticed about The Crossroads Chronicle is that it’s full of vivid imagery and details that make each story extremely compelling. Take, for instance, the story about Deidra Jordan, who is attaining her Doctor of Philosophy in Biology this year. I found it fascinating that her interest in forensic science began in her 10th grade science class after learning how fingerprints and DNA are used to solve criminal cases.

That attention to detail is also evident in the story about the Adrian City Council. That story was journalism at its finest. Readers will appreciate The Crossroads Chronicle’s attempt to get a quote from the GBI and the objective reporting.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to the graphic design of the newspaper and the opinions section. The world needs more civil debate, and one of the few places you can find that is in your local newspaper.

The best newspapers are those that focus on community and whose interests align with the community. The Crossroads Chronicle is an exemplar of that mission.

– Michael Prochaska

Editor, The Oconee Enterprise

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