Lieu gets first deer with help of friend

Good hunting spots are like fishing holes; you don’t take just anybody to them—especially if you’ve got a potential trophy out there. Luckily for Tom Lieu, he’s not just another person to Blake Jones.

These two Emanuel County natives have been for as long as they both can remember. As expected with a friendship like that, the’ve have done it all together and made a lot of memories over the years. Yet, they logged another memorable event a few weeks ago—one that might, for Lieu anyway, rise above the rest.

On the morning of October 16, Jones put Lieu in a stand on some of his family’s hunting land in Laurens County. A few hours later, Lieu took down a huge buck for his first deer ever.

“He creeped in way before daylight, and I could only see the size of his body through the brush,” the 26-year-old, now a seventh grade teacher at Southeast Bulloch, explained. “I had a 6-point walk under the stand from my right side and look directly at this deer and take off. I knew this had to mean the first deer was the one I had to take.”

Lieu, who now lives in Statesboro, used a shot gun to take him down from about 15 or 20 yards out. Only when he climbed out of the stand did the nerves begin, which is quite the opposite of how buck fever usually happens.

“I couldn’t see where he fell. Once I met up with Blake and walked to where the deer was, I got to put my hands on the animal.”

It was in that moment that Lieu realized how big his first harvest actually was. Then came the praise customary of most hunters.

“Immediately, I praised the Lord that I was able to harvest him. He was a 7-point with one of his points broken off, and he weighed about 190 pounds,” Lieu continued. “This deer is special to me because it’s the first one I’ve ever killed, I’ve only been hunting for about two years, and I got to do it with one of my best friends.”

His plans are to have Peebles Taxidermy in Swainsboro set the trophy into a shoulder mount.

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