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Lisenby speaks to Brier Creek Chapter

During its monthly meeting held Thursday, August 5, at the American Legion, the Brier Creek Chapter of the Georgia Society – Sons of the American Revolution based out of Screven County heard from Mike Lisenby.

Shortly after the beginning of the meeting at 7 p.m., Wiregrass Chapter President Wilder Smith introduced Lisenby, who then presented a program in anticipation of Constitutional Law Day on September 17, the date of the signing of the United States Constitution.

The Swainsboro resident provided a description of the Founding Fathers’ conscious efforts to protect citizens’ God-given rights of liberty and freedom by their inclusion of specific and express safeguards in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights, the First 10 Amendments to the Constitution.

In providing his remarks, Lisenby emphasized the reasons for honoring and cherishing the Founding Fathers and their wisdom in framing the Founding Documents.

In other meeting news, President Wayne Howard inducted the chapter’s newest member, Compatriot Norman Waters, with the help of John Fitzner. President Howard presented Waters with his NSSAR Certificate and approved application, then Fitzner pinned an SAR rosette onto Waters’ shirt.

The rosette has two colors, blue and white, indicative of General George Washington’s uniform he wore during the American Revolution.

Wiregrass Chapter Chaplain Emory Fennell opened the meeting with a prayer. He also said a closing prayer and led the crowd of 20 attendees in the SAR Recessional.

The group also recited the U.S. and SAR pledges in unison to open the meeting.

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