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Local 4-H’ers ready to help with technology needs

Does your club or group need to learn a technology skill? The local 4-H organization has created a SWAT team to help. These “Students Who Advocate Technology” are trained in various tech skills and are ready to share their knowledge with Emanuel County. The group can come speak to groups about setting up email accounts, accessing grades on Parent Portal, using Zoom, and more. Whatever the need, these students would love to help. To schedule a visit from the SWAT team or to learn more about it, email

Emanuel County 4-H was among several counties in Georgia that received the Tech ChangeMakers Grant. This program empowers youth to help close the broadband internet divide. Currently in the U.S., there are 23.4 million people who lack broadband internet access. Access is only half of the problem; feeling secure and knowledgeable enough to adopt and use the technology is the other half. This partnership elevates teens as teachers to provide training and communication to assist adults in their community with increasing their comfort level in utilizing new technology.

The Emanuel County 4-H Tech ChangeMaker Team, also known as SWAT, is working to expand people’s understanding of technology in a variety of ways. Students are offered a variety of experiences to learn about different kinds of technology, including medical field technology, video game streaming, video production, graphic design, and engineering.

SWAT is also offering workshops to the community for anyone to come and learn new computer skills. The first workshop on October 21 taught people how to set up and use a Google account and how to write a professional resume. Workshops are free to attend and open to anyone; attendees are, however, encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet if possible.

SWAT has more in store, but if there is a specific skill you would like to learn, reach out to the 4-H office at 478-237-1226.

Additionally, if you know a teen that is interested in joining SWAT, reach out to the 4-H office as well. Area 4-H leaders are scheduling a trip for SWAT to visit an orthopedic surgery office to see how technology is used in the medical field as well as other trips and workshops, so there will be something of interest for everyone.

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