Local business to close temporarily for repairs

Monica Wren, owner of The Clucking Chicken, had a surprising Sunday afternoon phone call. A friend at nearby Dairy Queen watched the roof of her store collapse to the ground for no apparent reason. Upon receiving the call, Wren went to her Lambs Bridge Road business and checked out the damage. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the windows —but she will have to close until later this week as the repairs are made.

“There’s not much of a story really. Surprisingly, it didn’t have anything to do with the weather,” Wren said. “We’re chocking it up to structural damage. There wasn’t any rotten wood, there weren’t any termites, nothing! It just fell! The building had been there for over 40 years. All we know is it just happened.”

As of Monday, the insurance adjuster had already came and evaluated the building. Wren has also already contacted a construction company to make the necessary fixes.

“We’re definitely going to close until Thursday or Friday of this week. I’m not sure which day we’ll try to open back up—if we can.” She continued, “The main thing is, please be careful while construction is going on. We just had our sidewalk sale this past Saturday, and while we hate that it happened, we’re glad it happened Sunday and not then so that no one got hurt.”

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