Local café to celebrate first anniversary

Family means the world to the crew at Leannas, the quaint little pizza, coffee, and dessert shop located on South Main Street. That’s why owners Levi and Arianna Stoltzfus hope to see you and yours at their anniversary celebration this Friday, July 30.

The special day will begin with all specialty drinks priced at 50 percent off from 7 to 11 a.m. From 11 a.m. onward, Leannas will offer free soft pretzels while supplies last.

Patrons will also have the opportunity to enter to win prizes, and the Stoltzfus Family is putting together gift boxes to give away at the event as well.

Ironically, the business known for its famous cheesecake couldn’t have its first anniversary fall at a more fitting time as Friday, July 30, is National Cheesecake Day. In observance of that, Leannas will be have a variety of new cheesecakes for customers to sample throughout the day.

Anyone who visits the shop on Friday wearing a Leannas shirt or hat will receive a free slice of cheesecake.

The business will conduct lunch and dinner as usual with plenty of staffers penciled in to help with what Leannas expects to be a busy day from start to finish. If so, the anniversary celebration will fall directly in line behind the busiest Monday (July 26) Leannas has on record.

Arianna says customers can expect to see and feel the same experience as always, perhaps to a degree even higher because Leannas as a business is excited to reach this particular milestone, which wouldn’t be possible without such a loyal customer base and roster of employees alike.

“Thank you, Swainsboro, for supporting us in our first year of business. It doesn’t feel like a year. I’d say it feels like 10 years to be honest. We’ve worked a lot; we get here at 5 a.m. every day and we stay past our closing hours to finish everything daily, but it has been incredible. We’ve been busy from our first day of business here, and it has been really fun. We wouldn’t be here without the community, which we absolutely love. The people of Swainsboro have been awesome to us from the very beginning. The people we’ve met, the friends we’ve made… This event will be our way of giving back to you all,” Arianna said on behalf of the family-run business. She continued, “We’re thankful for our hard-working, faithful employees. They work long hours and always go beyond what’s asked of them.”

She went on to give a special thanks to two employees, Kim and Heaven, who have been with Leannas since its opening days and have missed minimal amounts of work.

In the year since Leannas opened, the business has kept most of its operations the same. The menu items have been cemented into place, the drink recipes have been perfected, the staff remains in tact, and the customers keep coming back. Leannas’ one major development, Arianna explained, was the implementation of a rewards program.

“We know that if it’s not broken, we shouldn’t try to fix it. We’re at a great place as a business, and we know that’s because of our staff and our customers. We love serving this town, and we don’t plan on going anywhere! We hope you’ll come out and celebrate our first year together this Friday. We look forward to seeing everyone!”

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