Local Compatriots will lay 18 wreaths at Patriots Park

As part of this year’s Wreaths Across America initiative, local members of Georgia Society – Sons of the American Revolution will be lay 18 wreaths this Saturday, December 18, at Patriots Park downtown.

These arrangements will be part of a program organized by Chair John Tapley. Thirteen of these wreaths will be placed in front of 13 flags representative of the 11 Marines, one Navy corpsman, and one Army soldier killed earlier this year by an ISIS-K suicide bomber outside the Kabul airport while helping oversee the humanitarian evacuation missions of thousands of Americans and Afghan allies on August 26.

Four other wreaths will be placed in front of the Vietnam War, World War II, World War I and War Between the States memorials.

Just across from these memorials is the first responders memorial, in front of which another single wreath will be placed.

After the wreathlaying ceremonies, Wiregrass and the Brier Creek Chapter Compatriots will use their .50-caliber flintlock rifles and their .75-caliber Brown Bess muskets for a three-round volley. In between each volley will be a firing of the Wiregrass Chapter’s six-pounder naval cannon as well as its eight-pounder field cannon.

To end the ceremony, “Taps” will be played on the bugle by one of the Compatriots.

If you plan to attend, arrive by at least 2:45 p.m. For more information, contact Tapley at 478-494-2517.

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