Local GM dealer awarded

Daniels Chevrolet, Emanuel County’s hometown GM dealer since 1926, has been selected for the prestigious 2020 Mark of Excellence Award. Stephen Hudgens, Chevrolet district manager from Charleston, South Carolina, visited the dealership last Thursday, June 10, to bestow the award to company leaders.

According to Vice President Ed Daniels, the award is given on a selection basis. The 2020 award given to the family business last week added to the list of awards won dating back to 1938, including a Chevrolet Member Dealer Committee honor that year, a Hall of Fame Award in 1968, and a special award in 1998.

Created more than 20 years ago, the Mark of Excellence Program exists to recognize high-achieving dealerships for superior customer satisfaction and sales. The enrollment period for the 2020 Mark of Excellence ran from December 4 to December 20 of last year, and winners were recently awarded ahead of the 2021 program. In order to receive the Mark of Excellence Award, each dealer must meet or exceed sales objectives and rate highly in the customer service index, retail sales index, essential brand element, and dealer maintenance notification. GM measures these statistics independently and selects winners for each calendar year.

“It brings us great pride to win this award—not just for ourselves but for our community, too. It’s very satisfying to know we’re pleasing our customer base and the corporation we represent in GM Motors. We’re proud to represent Emanuel County and southeast Georgia as a Mark of Excellence recipient. This award represents a complete team effort from everybody here at Daniels Chevrolet, and our ratings being up to par to win this means we’re doing our jobs well,” Daniels said. “In all that we do, we try to create an experience that will make customers want to do business with us again in the future. We keep that mission at the forefront as we work and build relationships with our community. Thanks to all our loyal customers who help us succeed year in and year out! We look forward to seeing you again soon. If there’s anything we can do for you, come see us. After all, since 1926, we’ve never met a deal we couldn’t beat!”

A history of Daniels Chevrolet

Daniels Chevrolet began in a general store in Twin City in 1926. Marlow Daniels owned a general store and would bring Chevrolets from Swainsboro and offer them for sale to his customers in Twin City. Daniels and a man named “Rice” co-owned the venture at that time. Daniels later bought out Rice and became the sole owner of what would become Daniels Chevrolet. He established a Chevrolet dealership in Swainsboro in 1930, and was joined in business by his son, Arthur Daniels, later in the 1930s. In the early 1940s, the Danielses added Oldsmobile to their line. They also sold Fiat automobiles during this time.

With the addition of the Oldsmobiles, the Danielses sold the first cars in Emanuel County with air conditioning and automatic transmissions. Arthur’s son, Dickie, joined the dealership in 1959. Dickie’s sons all joined the dealership as they entered the business world. Son Richard joined in the early 1980s, Ed joined in 1984, and Dickie’s third son, Sam, joined his father and brothers in 1993. Today, Richard is president; Ed is vice president; and Sam manages the service and parts department. Service and personal attention to each customer is standard operating procedure at Daniels Chevrolet.

Most automobile dealers cover about a 45-mile radius from which they draw in business. Through providing top-notch personal service for more than 70 years, the Daniels dealership covers a radius of more than 230 miles. The Daniels Family prides itself on providing these services to their customers, all of whom they consider family. In 1991, Buick and Pontiac were added to the line of General Motors automobiles offered by the Daniels Family.

Another highlight in the history of the family business came in 1998 when they were awarded the highest award for a Chevrolet dealer.

A trophy case stands in the corner of the office to commemorate that 1998 award. A direct reflection of Daniels Chevrolet’s mission, it reads, “To be a genuine leader, you must believe that your dealership does more than sell cars and trucks. Genuine leaders instill trust in their customers and employees. Genuine leadership demonstrates dependability and quality in every customer transaction. Genuine leaders show they are more than willing to go the extra mile to make their customers’ experience with their dealership and the vehicle they buy nothing short of exceptional.”

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