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Local paramedic delivers EMS presentation to Kiwanis Club

President Dess Smith III called the Tuesday, July 20, meeting of Swainsboro Kiwanis Club at Rustic Grill to order at 7 p.m.

Twenty-nine members and two guests, Caitlin Cooper and Thomas Hanners, attended. During the meeting, the Kiwanis Board approved three new members: Anita Cerpovicz, Karolina Cerpovicz, and John David Bailey.

The program for the evening was hosted by Pepper Fields, who introduced a local paramedic.

Thomas “TJ” Hanners currently works for Emanuel County Emergency Services Department. While on hand, he gave a summary of the changes in EMS in the past year.

Two EMS stations are located in Emanuel County, one in Swainsboro and another in Twin City. The local EMS, according to Hanners, receives around 325 to 350 calls per month. The guest speaker noted a COVID change; local EMS is now authorized to give vaccines.

He continued, explaining starting this year, EMS units now have power lifters to load patients. Local EMS also now has better communications systems to track patient locations and to send and receive information faster than before.

In closing, Hanners showed the Kiwanians videos of a power lifter in action and some of the new equipment inside the EMS units.

Wanda Ellis won a pound cake donated by Bobby Seamans and baked by Petite Garrett while John David Bailey won a pizza donated by Domino’s.

To become a member of the Kiwanis Club of Swainsboro, contact Membership Chair Jane Durden at 478-494-4113 or e-mail her at hsdurden@bellsouth.net. For more information about Swainsboro Kiwanis Club and the many community service projects it does each year, go to http://www.swainsborokiwanis.org or visit the club’s Facebook page.

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