Local Republicans attend events

Last Tuesday morning, the Emanuel County Republican Party submitted this photo for publication. Members Margaret Sweet, Chairwoman Lisa Parham, Treasurer Sherri Clifton, and Jennifer Ellison are seen here with Kelvin King, U.S. Senate candidate, and his wife, Janelle at the 75th Annual Pine Tree Festival last Saturday.

The Republican Party was on hand all day, using the festivities to reach current and prospective members by giving out literature and yard signs for the upcoming primary election. They also invited King to speak with the many people who dropped by the red tent.

Prior to the festival, Parham and Clifton volunteered at a rally for Herschel Walker, candidate for U.S. Senate, in Statesboro. This event took place Wednesday, May 4, and tasked the two local party leaders with running the campaign tent. In doing so, Parham and Clifton handed out literature, yard signs, and greeted guests. The highlight of their involvement, however, was personally meeting and visiting with Walker. He entered the campaign tent before the rally began, introduced himself, and, most importantly, thanked Parham and Clifton for their assistance.

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