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Local SAR chapter participates in re-enactment of second Augusta siege

Every year, a celebration commences about an hour northward of Swainsboro at the Kroc Center, marking the latest anniversary of the Second Siege of Augusta. The Wiregrass Chapter of the Georgia Society – Sons of the American Revolution traveled to the 240th celebration on September 18, gathering at 11 a.m. with numerous other SAR chapters for the occasion.

Joining in the event were its two sponsors, the Colonel William Few Chapter (GASSAR) and the Henry Laurens Chapter (South Carolina Society – Sons of the American Revolution), as well as coordinator Compatriot Sonny Pittman.

Two locals, General Steve Burke and General Alton Reynolds, played key parts in the re-enactment staged in a large field between the center and the “old powder works factory.” (Look for a story on this factory elsewhere in this edition by Mike Braswell.)

Burke commanded the British militia, which included 10 soldiers and one six-pounder naval cannon, while Reynolds commanded the Patriots, a force that fielded 10 soldiers of its own and an eight-pounder field gun.

Burke gave the order to fire, and the battle began. After many shots were fired by both sides, along with cannon fire, Reynolds and his Patriots advanced and overran the British for the victory.

The re-enactment culminated the event after a number of formal to-do items took place earlier. The GASSAR and SCSSAR’s combined color guard commanded by Bill Palmer advanced the colors for presentation, then several dignitaries delivered greetings.

A special SAR Patriot grave marker dedication was then held for Captain William Bugg Sr. by GASSAR President David Jessel and Compatriot Pittman.

Many different organizations then presented wreaths, and attendees broke for lunch. Historian Steven J. Rauch next presented a “battle seminar” at the Kroc Center, a three-round volley was held by musket and cannon salute, and “Taps” was played in honor of all who gave their lives for the freedoms Americans enjoy today.

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