Longtime buddies work together to bag nice turkey

This story marks the third time Blake Jones has made the local newspaper for an outdoor feat. The first time, he was reeled in a record hickory shad. This second, he helped a longtime friend, Tom Lieu, tag a trophy deer. This time around, he has harvested a nice turkey.

Season opened for adult hunters like Jones two weekends ago, and he spent Opening Day with another buddy, Zack Martin.

The two were situated on land that belonged to Jones’s aunt and uncle in CITY. Around 7:10 a.m. on Saturday, April 2, the bird “came in on a string,” strutting across a large clear cut, heading straight toward the duo.

“I’ve been hunting turkeys consistently for about four years. Zack has been a close friend for years, and, together, we hunt just about every animal you can hunt for,” Jones said. “We didn’t have to call to [the bird] too much. He was about 40 yards out when I shot him.”

Jones employed a 12-gauge Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 with a Sumtoy choke and a Federal TSS #9 shot for the harvest.

The bird had a 10-7/8” beard and weighed close to 20 pounds.

“I didn’t measure the spurs,” Jones continued. “He wasn’t my first bird, but I was still shook up, just like I get with deer and other turkeys. The excitement is what keeps us hunters going.”

He has since dropped off the turkey to local taxidermist Justin Peebles in Swainsboro for a fan and beard mount.

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