Lulu and Buddy: Two senior pet adoptee success stories

There are a lot of great things going on at Swainsboro’s animal shelter, and the Emanuel County Humane Society is leading the way. Last week, The Chronicle shared with readers an article that encouraged everyone to consider adopting senior pets and gave some of the reasons why those particular furry friends would make good pets. This week, we continue this in celebration of Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Shari Watt with the Emanuel County Humane Society introduces us to a couple from Twin City who have done just that.

Meet Kim Waters and her two senior dogs, Lulu and Buddy. Waters and her husband, Tony, are residents of Twin City.

Lulu, a 15-year-old chihuahua mix, was adopted by the Waterses two years ago after her owner passed away from brain cancer. Lulu was a very vocal dog. The whole time Watt was there doing the interview, Lulu talked to her. (She just wish she knew what Lulu said.) Maybe she was trying to tell Watt she was so thankful to be in a loving home where she was a bit spoiled.

Buddy is a 15-year-old shepherd mix Tony raised as a puppy. Buddy has been a great companion dog all these years. As the years have gone by, he’s not as active as he once was, but his love and loyalty for his family is still there.

Kim said she really enjoyed having senior dogs. They come with so many benefits. They are already housebroken, and they don’t drag you all over the yard when walking on a leash. They also have no expectations, just gratitude.

Lulu and Buddy are two fortunate senior dogs. They are living a great “senior dog life” in a loving home with two special people.

If you are thinking about adopting a pet, you may want to think about adopting a senior pet. However, before adopting any pet, do your research. Learn as much as you can about the pet before bringing one home. Be sure it is the right choice for your lifestyle, home life, or family. Further, before adopting any animal, be sure you can provide a loving home and provide everything it needs to keep it healthy and happy. In return, your new companion will give you years of unconditional love and loyalty.

The Crossroads Chronicle would like to thank Watt for providing this insight into an actual adoption and how successful they can be. Please see advertisements in this week’s edition about upcoming events sponsored by the Emanuel County Humane Society.

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